A Few Body Language Tips

Are you considering wearing that yellow tie to a serious business meeting? You probably need to reconsider that!

You can get extensive results in your professional life and, of course, in the Mafia game if you can easily read the body language and non-verbal communication in general.

A body language guru, Eliote Hoppe says: “In business, one of the most important things is the impression you give people.”

When we say “body language” we usually mean gestures, facial expressions, tonality of voice and, of course, postures. In this article you’ll be able to find a few useful tips from Mr. Hoppe. If you use them wisely – they can add a significant value to your success in business negotiations.

1) Posture. The first four seconds are really critical for the impression you give. To make a good impression you better keep a good posture when you enter the conference room. You should have a brisk walk and stand upright. Your body should express confidence and desire to be there. Don’t slump your shoulders, because it won’t give a positive message.

2) Handshake. Touch is an important part of body language. If you get it in the right way – you could gain a serious advantage in a business deal. Just from that minor handshake touch you can figure out whether the person is aggressive, passive or dominant.

The only thing you should be aware of, is “power play”. The “power play” is when the person tries to turn their hand in a way that you’ll see their hand on top. Usually people do that unconsciously, but sometimes that’s the way they show their dominance.

Also, keep an eye on the “free” hand. What is goig on to it, while you’re shaking hands? If the person uses it to pat your shoulder, that’s a dominance game. If you want to win that “game” – you had better pat the person’s shoulder first and as high as possible.

One more issue: if you’re at some networking party and you have a drink – keep it in your left hand. Because if you keep the glass in your right hand, it will be wet and cold. Trust me, people won’t get exited of a handshake with you.

3) Touch. If you want to make an impression of a lair – touch your face. Also, if the person touches their lips – that usually means they don’t agree with you.

Just remember what all kids do when they lie or say something wrong: they cover their mouth with both hands. When we get adult and lie – we still have this habit to cover the mouth, but it changes a bit… Anyway, to make things easier: try to control the habit of touching your head during negotiations.

4) The tonality of your voice could make your statements different. Be sure, that your voice goes down when you finish your point. If person’s voice goes up at the end of the sentence it can often mean, they are trying to deceive you or they simply don’t believe in what they say. So, next time at the English Mafia Club meeting you see a player that is constantly finishing their speeches rising up the voice – you can use this argument to blame him!

5) Appearance. Be careful with choosing colors of your dress, suit, ties and etc. For example: red color is rarely makes a normal impression. This is a color type, which you can either love or hate. Ready to take a risk? Go ahead and put on a yellow or red tie and see what happens.

6) Vulnerability. Are you interested to know whether your client, boss or colleague is confident at the meeting with you? Here are some tips about the issue. If you see that a person most likely feels lack of confidence and they try to protect themselves.

  • keeping papers or a book over the chest;
  • touching the neck;
  • chewing glasses or pen.

Hope, you found this article interesting to read. If you want to get practice of the tips listed above – you’re very welcome to attend our event, where we play intellectual game Mafia in English.