Mafia game at Chamber TM Club, 1 August 2012

Chamber TM club is experimenting with new meeting formats again: this time it is a special Mafia game evening on Wednesday, 1 August 2012. It will be unique chance to practice impromptu speaking skills in informal atmosphere, a lot of fun and intrigues

We are lucky to have a professional moderator – Yevgeniy Bazhenov, President of English Mafia Club. This club was started with a purpose to help people develop negotiation abilities and challenge its members to improve their psychological, intellectual and logical skills. Let’s try it out with our professional speakers and guests.

The game rules will be explained to everyone at the beginning of the meeting. You can also see them here:

The meeting will start at 19:15 at the EPAM office, 14-B Kudryashova Str. Do not forget your ID to go through office security.