I don’t feel confident in your game rules, so can I observe one mafia game and then participate?

Of course, you can. Our advice is to come to a meeting in time, because at the beggining of each meeting one of the moderators explains the game’s rules with holding a test mafia game. Usually, after the explanations 95% of newcomers are ready to play. If you don’t feel ready after that – observing the games won’t help you as much. The best way to understand the rules of game Mafia completely and gain confidence is to listen carefully at the beginning of the meeting and play.

I don’t know English very well. I’m not sure if I can play. May I come, but not participate in the game?

Yes, you may attend the meeting as a spectator, it will cost you nothing. If you understood this page – your English isn’t so bad, so you should try to play at least one time and see the potential of your English. To improve your English you should practice all the time and English Mafia Club provides this opportunity.

I don’t know anybody in your club. Will I feel uncomfortable?” or “I’m a foreigner. Can I join your events?

The best advice is to join the games as soon as possible during the meeting. Usually, the game opens you to others and enhances your communication with other participants. If you have an outgoing personality you’ll very quickly feel at home. If you are a native-speaker – you’ll be the focus of attention as the remainder of us want to listen to a native English speaker. And at the end of the day, we pose ourselves as the best English club in Kiev! There is very very high probability you are gonna enjoy being our gest!

“I can’t keep the dress-code terms, but want to join your meeting. Can I come not in proper dress-code?”

Yes, you can. But if you decide to join a game you’ll have to pay the dress-code penalty, which is usually 10uah per the whole evening.