Corporate events

The time spent by playing the intellectual game MAFIA – challenges and provides the following benefits:

  1. Effective English practice.
  2. Positive emotions and fun.
  3. Skill development:
  • negotiating;
  • leadership;
  • decision making;
  • public speaking;
  • ethics and detection of lies.

It is very involving game, which will make people to reveal themselves from different sides. Also, the game makes players to play as an effective team, as well as, provide relevant experience how it’s better to create those effective teams.

Englisah Mafia Club’s services:

Training MAFIA

The basic service includes:

  • game rules and main strategies briefing;
  • high quality of games moderating;
  • each game analysis;
  • all basic attributes for the game;
  • photo report of the event.

Optional services:

  • thematic dress-code arranging;
  • professional photographer (to memorialize your event);
  • unique and scenic location (ample space for different amount people);
  • customized catering (any and all cuisines);
  • prizes and Mafia nickname certificates.

To receive “an offer you can’t refuse”, please, get in touch with our club in Kyiv by any of our contacts.