Training MAFIA

Are you and/or your company staff fluent in English?


Are you really satisfied with your communication, and/or negotiation skills?




You probably worked hard to achieve such success!



Playing game MAFIA on a constant basis brings to light your strengths and weaknesses.
We will assist you by:

  • inviting native speakers to your events to evaluate your English skills; resulting in an increased  performance level;
  • using different kinds of rules emphasizing particular skill development;
  • mixing highly experienced players from outside to provide effective growth opportunities;
  • providing an analysis of each game.
  • rules explanation at the beginning of the 1st meeting will take near 20 min.;
  • in average one Mafia game lasts 50-70 minutes;
  • we play 3-4 games per evening at each table, providing the possibility for each attendee to join at least 2-3 games (depends on the amount of attendees);
  • English grammar and game mistakes analysis of each game during the coffee-breaks and right after the games.