Tactics and strategies in Mafia

Cover of the book about Mafia strategies.

This is the cover of the best book about Mafia game strategies, written by Aslikyan.

Basics for newcomers:

How to play Mafia (the rules)
How to play Mafia like a pro!

How to play Mafia using basic strategies

How to play Mafia with gestures
Typical mistakes of newcomers in Mafia
Key phrases in Mafia

The Unwritten Rules of Mafia

Key strategies in Mafia game:

1st day of a Citizen
2nd day of a Citizen
3rd day of a Citizen
4th day of a Citizen
5th day of a Citizen (Part 1)
5th day of a Citizen (Part 2)
How to play as a Sheriff (Part 1, First Two Days)
How to play as a Sheriff (Part 2, Checks and Revealing)
How to play as a Sheriff (Part 3, How to Win?)
You’re a Checked RED Player
You’re a Black Player (Part 1, The Beginning)
You’re a Black Player (part 2, 2nd Day of the Black Team)
You’re a Black Player (part 3, False Sheriff and “Black” Mistakes)
When You Are the Don (part 1, looking for the Sheriff)
When You Are the Don (part 2, checking the Sheriff)
When You Are the Don (part 3, dynamic order)
The Miss of Mafia
Self-murder of Mafia
How to divide the table

Advanced strategies and tactics:

Spectacular Speech of the First Night Victim – Part 1
Spectacular Speech of the First Night Victim – Part 2
About Artificial Conflict


Mafia is a team game which involves 10 players. I can say, without doubt, that even an analytical guru wouldn’t be able to play chess well if they had merely learned the moves. Nonetheless, unlike in Mafia, which is a team game, an ignorant chess player who continues in this way will at least not cause others to fail.

In Mafia, an inexperienced player is more likely to not only let himself down, but also to lead their entire team to failure. Therefore, experienced players are sometimes reluctant to play with beginners. That is why, at English Mafia Club in Kiev, newcomers can only attend our ‘open’ meetings until we are satisfied that they have demonstrated advanced ability. However, if you follow our advice, you can be hopeful that you will soon join the invitation list for the private closed events!

During the game an experienced player will be very switched on and they will not excuse even the most minor mistake by another player. Inexperienced players will usually find this to be a problem. And the same dilemma  exists in almost every Mafia club: how to form a table of equally experienced players?

The simple game rules can create a false impression that decisions are made by intuition and nothing else. Many serious people become confused and find themselves in an awkward position when they sit at the table and lead their team to a failure.

Accordingly, we have decided to share extracts from “Mafia” by Edward Aslikyan (rules, tactics and strategies of the game) – which we believe is one of the best printed publications devoted to Mafia  strategies.

As a result of this material, we have a succinct encyclopedia of the best tactics and  strategies used and developed by the best players and mafia clubs around the world. It’s up to you whether to use them or not. But ask yourself a simple question: «Do you want to play Mafia?» If the answer is yes, then you’re on the right page.

“Practice without theory is blind, and theory is dead without practice.” / Karl Marx

Lately more and more people become interested in the intellectual game of Mafia. Our club stepped forward and put together all the advantages of the English speaking Mafia club. And as soon as you understand the main rules of the game, we recommended that you learn to master the main strategies of this amazing game. Use the content for navigation and have fun studying the material!