4th day of a Citizen

It’s the 4th day of the game. There has left 5 or 6 of us at the table. Is there still a critical situation this day? How to make the right conclusions being the citizen? See that in the article below.

First question is: why are there 5 or 6 players left?

If two Sheriffs revealed themselves, mafia can miss on purpose. Why? Because when there are 6 players left and 2 of them are black – this is a critical situation. One player is eliminated during the day, second is killed at night. Then 2 red and 2 black players stay at the table, and… mafia wins the game.

So, we assume that if you’re playing as a citizen and face the 4th day in the game – the toughest part is left behind.

Imagine there were 7 or 8 players at the table and one was eliminated by voting. The game is not over, because one black player has left. OR black player was eliminated during the 2nd day, when there were 10 players at the table, though it is unlikely. Usually, red player dies during the second day. The votes of mafia don’t come against themselves. In most cases mafia can distribute their votes, so the red player gets the majority.

For that reason, we assume that during the 3rd day a mafia member was voted off. And you can consider yourself lucky at this point. Now, you need to analyze the previous voting And taking the situation as critical, is easier to make!! the right decision at this stage. At first, you have more information, especially according to the previous voting. Anyway, out of red and black teams – the red group voted correctly. Since the game hasn’t finished yet, you need to vote against players, having supported the one who was voted off for example the last day.

Never try to eliminate somebody for balance this day. The one who will use the “balance rule” as an argument – is most likely mafia. Remember that at night a red player was killed for balance, that’s why elimination of any red player will lead to a failure. You have to forget about balance and team up with those, who helped to eliminate potential mafia members during the previous days.

Let’s consider an example. It’s a critical situation in the game (means 7 players are left and 3 of them are mafia). So, players number 1, 2, 3 and 4 – are red, and numbers 7, 8 and 9 – are black. You eliminate player 9 and the game still goes on. That means reds were lucky to eliminate a black player. Sometimes in the critical situation mafia team wants to win the game by voting together with just 1 more citizen against another red player.

If in the previous voting, players 7, 8 and 9 voted together, eliminate 7 and 8 at the upcoming votes. If player 9 was voted off, but players 7 and 8 voted together with him – most likely they’re black. Why? Because after you killed player 9 the game continued. Theoretically, one of them may be red, but against whom did the third player vote then? Having seen those three votes, nothing could prevent him to add his vote and completely win. Although we observed such a situation for many times even experienced players make!!! this ridiculous mistake. Sometimes black player lives the role of a red one and believes it so hard that starts voting illogically. Or the player just doesn’t coordinate his team-mates’ plan of voting.

Voting – is a final “fight. And if you are a good general, then during the fight you just calmly watch your victory, because all of the work has been done even before the battle. That’s why, YOU SHOULD communicate by gestures with your black pals and red players also. You need to collect information and organize the votes go in a right way IN ADVANCE.

Returning to our example: if black players didn’t vote together, anyway, don’t eliminate participants of that team, who eliminated player number 9. First of all, get rid of the player, who voted together with 9th. If all of them are already out – then take your time to consider, who made the most black moves during the game among those, who left at the table?