English Mafia Club Membership Rules

English Mafia Club membership is by invitation only.

Membership fees are effective up to October 31th, 2017. Membership fees will be used by the club in good faith to cover the various costs and expenses associated with running our events.

Reasons to become a member:
– the right to privileged prices;
– access to the club’s closed meetings and other private events organized by English Mafia Club;
– the right to invite guests to  closed meetings;
– the right to vote and be eligible to hold office as Club President.

To become a candidate for club membership, you probably would  have demonstrated the following:
1) Successful and proven track record playing Mafia games in English;
2) Recommendations from two active club members;
3) Receipt of an invitation;

4) Acquaintanceship with the President of the Club (who can deny membership without providing a reason)
5) Completion of the application form;
6) Payment of the membership fee (400 UAH for new members).

If you are interested in playing Mafia, networking with highly intellectual, socially active, and interesting people – you are definitely going to like our vibrant team of members and associates!

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