How to play Mafia as a Sheriff 1st two days (Part 1)

Remember: even though you are the most privileged and responsible player in the Red team , never try to win without them.

The most difficult decision for the Sheriff is choosing the right moment to reveal his role. If someone else is purporting to be a sheriff, the table has to choose between the true and false sheriff. It is important for the Sheriff to tell the table whom he checked during the nights. Likewise, the other players should remember whom this supposed Sheriff nominated and voted against.

There are often cases, when after the first day of discussions, players don’t even suggest whom to check during the upcoming night.

If several players asked to check a certain player on the next night, the Sheriff should probably should take their advice. If the player turns out to be Black, the players who asked for him to be checked are most likely Citizens. Nonetheless, they shouldn’t be eliminated during the day vote without being checked first, at least whilst the Sheriff is still at the table.

The possible scenarios of the game on the 2nd day:

You were killed right on the first night this is a disaster for reds. Don’t hesitate, tell them you were the Sheriff and share your checks;

a checked red player was killed. Not as bad, but at the same time not good news for the red team.  The problem is, when you eventually reveal your identify and share your checks, it will be harder to convince the table that you are the real Sheriff.

checked player turned to be red and wasn’t killed. Try to secretly show him with a gesture that he has been checked, without letting others see. If you see that the checked player is about to be voted off, try to protect him from being killed. Do your best! But whatever happens, don’t reveal yourself. Your life is more important for the team then the life of any red player.

– checked player is black. Nominate this player, but carefully, and find an alternative convincing argument to justify why you have done so. And certainly vote against this player! If his candidacy has already been created, it is recommended to make no nominations, because if that second player turns to be Red, Citizens may not believe you in future. It is definitely not a Sheriff’s move to nominate a red player, having checked a Black one. So, nominate no one and vote against the checked Black player. Watch carefully to see if the player who nominated him, voted accordingly. Very often on the second day Black players will nominate their teammate but ultimately not vote against them. Although sometimes they may take the risk of voting for them too if they are confident that there won’t be a majority to eliminate their Black partner anyway. Nonetheless, if a player has nominated a checked Mafia player but didn’t ultimately vote against them, this player is worth checking during the approaching night.

Remember: don’t reveal yourself on the second day unless there’s a threat that you will be voted off. Suppose, your candidacy is one of the last one’s, and you realise that most of the votes will go to you. If you end up being a candidate in a crossfire either show a Sheriff gesture or say it aloud even if it costs a third penalty. You will be killed at night anyway, but at least you will have one more chance to conduct an extra check.

In all other cases if you reveal yourself too early, you will be a disservice to yourself as well as your dependent Citizens.