Corporate MAFIA Party

Would you like to celebrate a special event with your friends or colleagues?


Would you like them to share an unforgettable, fun-filled experience?


Then get ready to have all that and more!


Party with MAFIA can be a unique way of celebrating an office promotion, birthday, New Year’s eve party, etc.

If you have ever been at a party that wasn’t quite as exciting as it could have been, then we suggest you give Mafia a go!

For a more interesting and enjoyable evening the following suggestions should be considered:

  • thematic dress-code;
  • professional photographer (to memorialize your event);
  • unique and scenic location (ample space for different amount people);
  • customized catering (any and all cuisines);
  • prizes and Mafia nickname certificates.
  • rules explanation – 20 min.;
  • in average one game lasts 55-80 minutes;
  • we play 3-4 games per evening at 2 or 3 tables (13 players at each;
  • official parts between the games;
  • during the breaks: game discussion, taking MAFIA pictures and rewarding best players.