About us

English Mafia Club – is the 1st English club of intellectual game “MAFIA”, started in Kiev, Ukraine in 2010. We hold real events, where people play Mafia game to develop themselves and have a lot of fun.

The game of Mafia – is a challenge to your intellectual, logical and psychological skills. Also, you’ll find out if you are a good liar and how easily you sometimes can be cheated. This is an intellectual battle between a secretive minority (mafia-team) and an unaware majority (citizens-team), you will need all your intelligence and sharpness to unmask the Mafiosi or vice versa bring into play all your flexibility in order for not to be revealed.

English Mafia Club – is a key to an English speaking environment, where we spend our leisure in a very positive atmosphere by enjoying exciting games.

Our purpose:
to develop an enthusiastic team of professional Mafia players.

Our mission:
We help young businessmen/women and employees of foreign companies to achieve success in international business by improving their English speaking skills in an intellectual and entertaining atmosphere. The game of mafia helps individuals attain these skills both quickly and efficiently.

Our slogan: