English Mafia Club 2nd BIRTHDAY

Dear Friends!

The English Mafia Club is getting older: we’re going to celebrate our 2nd birthday! This year we will celebrate our birthday within our Family and close friends only.

The event will include classical Mafia games for 2 tables, feedbacks contest, photo session and just lots of fun with good people, who will come.

Time:April 26, 2012 (THURSDAY) starting at 18:45

Location: PURITY; 4a, Turgenevskaya st. See the details how to get there there: http://bit.ly/HYLnBz

Dress-code:your favorite movie character

Fees: 50 uah in advance and 75 uah at the door
Each fee includes lots of positive emotions and some drink

To register you have to:
– pay the fee in advance;
– write your dress-code character here: http://bit.ly/I9IYVK;
– get the party location details after April 16.

All, who loves us and enjoys being the part of this project are very welcome to join! Let’s celebrate MAFIA’s 2nd birthday in an amazing atmosphere with funny games, where all of us will enjoy and keep the justice from prevailing!!! This is going to be amazing, make sure you come to the best party mafia night of the spring or probably even the year!

068-902-10-14 – Mr. Tano Cariddi
099-541-75-78 – Mr. Antonio Banderas

Photo report:

EMC Birthday Party 2012

To see more photos follow the link please: http://goo.gl/Emxa1