Conversation class

ALIVE@FIVE English conversation and events

  • We are more than a simple conversation class.
  • We combine stimulating intellectual discussion with progressive thoughts; while always remembering to have fun along the way.

About us

2011 is our fourth year in Kyiv.

We have collected an assortment of eclectic personalities who attend our classes to:

  • Improve existing language skills;
  • Express their thoughts and ideas.

This class encourages direct participation and provides the atmosphere to engage in such.

All classes are moderated by a native speaker. Check the video with his speech from TEDx here.

Where and when?

We are located in Podil and meet Saturday’s at 5 pm

The classroom session generally runs 2 hours or more. Following most classes, we stay over for further discussion over a PotLuck meal or whatever the group decides. Your Saturday evening can be attending just the classroom session or it may include your entire Saturday evening.  Other days we have found ourselves at art galleries, visiting various sites around Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine, swimming & enjoying a picnic along with frisbee and badminton, bicycle riding, canoeing, volunteering at charitable events, and a host of other activities.

If you wish to organize such kind of club/event at your company or receive a weekly announcement of our class activities or require further information, please email to: