Mafia Game Party with European Business Association

Photo report from the event:

EBA MAFIA photo report

Invitation letter

Hello my dear Friends!

English Mafia Club is going to test Mafia skills of European Business Association (EBA) members! See the invitation below.

Registration details (for EBA and EMC’s members only):
If the company you work for is a member of EBA – use to register for the event from your corporate e-mail. If you are a member of English Mafia Club – use

Get ready to the real psychological MAFIA wars!

EBA welcome its membership to go in for the Mafia game party!

EBA welcomes its Members to spend time playing one of the most thrilling games ever – Mafia. In this battle between a secretive minority and an unaware majority, you will need all your intelligence and sharpness to unmask the Mafiosi or vice versa bring into play all your flexibility in order for not to be revealed. It is a great opportunity for you to conduct a team building and meet new friends among the EBA multinational community!

We encourage you to make use of you creativity and get dressed according to the topic, thus gangsters’ suits and accessories are welcome.

We want also draw your attention to the game rules which you can find here.

EBA Mafia game will take place on 9 June 2011 at 19.00 at the Stare Saporizhya restaurant (27 Sagaidachnogo Str). To register for the event please confirm your participation via by 7 June, 18:00.

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