Counterbalance Rule in the Mafia game

There are situations in Mafia Game when you can vote for a player without thinking too much. Balance rule helps to ease things sometimes. This article describes this principle of vote in details. Read more…

What is this “Balance Rule” about?

Balance rule means that the players from the opposite teams are eliminated from the game one by one. Following this principle allows the game to continue and provides the red team with higher chances for a victory.

Common Mistakes of the “Balance Rule” Application

  1. In case one of the players is killed in a situation of crossfire, the killing of the surviving player the next day will not be according to the balance rule. The player can be eliminated for other reasons, but not as a counterbalance to the victim of the last vote.
  2. On the second day of the game, two players were strongly against each other, but after voting both of them were not killed and stayed in the game. The next night, Mafia shot one of these players. In this case, you also shouldn’t use the balance rule to eliminate the remaining participant. Both players can be from the “red” team and they can be wrong concerning the “color” of each other.
  3. Let’s consider the case when Citizens lost the Sheriff very early: a certain player was killed during the second night and revealed himself/herself as a Sheriff in the final speech on the third day. There is a high chance that it is a “critical situation”. On the third day, the City chose the next player to leave the table and if the game continued, most likely Citizens managed to eliminate mafia player in the last vote. Otherwise, the game would have been over. That player who was strongly against the eliminated participant most likely was the red citizen. You don’t need to apply the balance rule concerning this player.

But you definitely need to get rid of those players who try to use “the balance rule” and collect votes against this active red citizen. Why? In the critical situation, you killed the player and the game continued. The Mafia team killed one red player during the night and this fact makes the balance between the two teams. If one more red player is eliminated, Mafia team will get an advantage.

When Can You Use The Balance Rule Without Thinking Too Much?

Case 1. On the third day of the game two sheriffs revealed themselves and one of them was killed during the second night. It is necessary to get rid of both sheriffs, so the last one has to be eliminated by the citizens. This approach will ensure that the game continues.

There are situations in Mafia game when a real Sheriff revealed himself very badly and there are many objective reasons not to believe neither of the revealed sheriffs. Of course, you need to consider circumstances; however, very often Citizens lose because of their assuredness. Even if you believe that the eliminated participant was a real Sheriff, you still should eliminate the other Sheriff.

Case 2. There are two sheriffs at the table and there is one checked black player from each of them.

On the second day player 1 was strongly against player 2 and persuaded the Citizens to vote against player 2. Player 2 left the table. On the third day player 1 and 3 revealed themselves as sheriffs. Player 3 announced that the 4th player was black and player 1 showed that player 2 was black. There are 2 options in this situation:

  • To eliminate player 1. He was strongly against player 2 and it was an obvious Sheriff’s behavior. He is in the game. Why Mafia didn’t kill the real Sheriff during the night?
  • To eliminate player 4. You have two sheriffs and one of them is black, of course. If you eliminate both black players, you also get a guarantee that the game continues. Player 2 was eliminated by the City last day, so it’s time to get rid of player 4. In this case, you keep both sheriffs at the table in order to be able to see whom Mafia will kill during upcoming night. The future victim could become a hint to the right answers.

To follow the balance rule is a must since that is often the only way the team of Citizens can win the black team. Thus, the right strategy for the red players is the following: determine the players from the opposite teams and eliminate them one by one. Step by step you will be closer and closer to the victory.