English Mafia Club catches up on August 17, 2011

Dear Friends!

This week we are going to have a meeting on Wednesday and then our Mafia-band will depart for the Vacation 2011! So, if you would like to attend our open meeting on Sunday, you are more than welcome to join us in Partenit, Crimea and play a few games with us 😉

As you’ve probably noticed the dress-code for our events on working days is close to the “as you wish” style, so the debt collector team will refrain from harassment on our Wednesdays’ events.

Time: August 17, 2011 (WEDNESDAY) starting at 18:45
Place: KORONA restaurant4, Rognedinskaya str. (close to m.Palace Sportu)
Dress-code: smart casual

Fees: Guests – 20 UAH per game
Club Members – 10 UAH per game

Everybody who comes before 18:44 receives a 50% discount for the 1st game