1st MAFIA battle of 2012 / January 22

Dear Mafiosi!

Hope your New Year and Christmas holidays went well! As one of our American mafioso says: “But all must come to an end, so we have to come back to reality and face the music…” THE HIT IS ON!

MAFIA will recharge their guns and “get back to reality” on January 22, 2012. All newcomers, guests and the Family are welcome to join this event for killing each other UNTIL THE LAST MAN/LADY is standing!

Time: January 22, 2011 (SUNDAY) starting at 16:45
Place: Kyiv, Ukraine; Tubetejka Restaurant2, Esplanadnaya str. (near metro Palace Sportu)
Dress-code: Formal Attire (preferably with black, white and red colors; NOT CASUAL)

Fees: Guests – 20 UAH / game
Club Members – 10 UAH / game
Dress-code penalty is 10 UAH / evening

All participants arriving by 16:44 receive a 50% discount for the 1st game