EMC meets Velvet Hearts

Hi guys!

This month we are going to take some strategic decisions about the ways how our small community will do some good things to people. Alexandra Balyasnaya, co-founder of Velvet Hearts organization will help us with that.

You are all welcome to attend our meeting, at which we will discuss:
– what kind of projects we would like to take an active part in;
– what exactly shall we do in chosen projects today, next week and month;
– who will do what? Managing responsibilities.

Time: July 21, 2012 (SATURDAY) starting at 11:20
Place: Babuin; 10, Simona Petlury st. (close to metro Universitet)

On 11:20 will start the meeting of ArtTalkers Toastmasters Club (Tano will give a speech there, by the way). It will last till 1pm and right after that our meeting will start. Hope to see you all there!

Minutes of meeting report.

We’ve agreed to do the following projects:

1) American Day master class for the school with disabled kids:
– meet Anna Anatolievna (CEO of the school) to discuss the event;
– what should we speak about at this event? Info about the America; American symbols; probably food;
– the feedback sheets should be prepared: we will divide them into groups (5 people each) and they will write their feedbacks about our event;
– think over preparing some presents probably.
*Zhenya Bazhenov will give the vision of the event till July 29.

2) Movies for kids in the Atmosphere cinema:
– next event will be planned by till August 15 (Saha Balyasnaya );
– money issue for this event is solved due to EMC donations;
– preparing the discussion after the movie; (it will be done after August 15);
– think over preparing some presents.

3) Retirement Houce project in Kahovka.
(Alena Titilkina will provide us with details in August)

4) Dogs and cats asylum project:
– get people just to go there and do some work at the place;
– publishing the event will all describtion what we need to do.
(Anna will provide us with details in September).

5) Creating closed group “Velvet Hearts and Friends” on Facebook.
(Zhenya Bazhenov, till July 23, 2012)