English MAFIA Club in Krakow, Poland on June 15, 2011

The Don of the Mafia!!!

Special call for all people who can easy figure out false pretence, hide realemotions and who want to try his force in that craft help the city!Famous historical and cultural center of Poland – Krakow not so safety today!

Mafia try to grab the power. Peaceful citizens should gather together in thatdangerous time.But you must be careful because anyone can be member of “Mafia”.

For not indifferent citizens: you must be at club “zaUEK”! (Thursday 16June at 17:30).

Dress code: Mafia style! If you have take with you some weapons!

Rules of the game: https://englishmafiaclub.com/how-to-play (better read this before you will come to the restaurant)))

Contact e-mail: andrienkoan[at]bigmirDOTnet

Photo report:

27.EMC Krakov_15.06.2011