PotLuck on Sunday (March 13) by invitations only

Dear Friends!

The English Mafia Club administration is tired of cooking… SO! We will make a PotLuck (everybody brings smth. for the dinner)!

Time: March, 13 (Sunday) starting at 14:00

Dress-code: lazy style

Location: XXX Bogdana Khmelnitskogo str.; 777  Apartment

!!!!!Entry: you should bring smth to eat or/and smth to drink, but only reconciled (with administration: Canuck and Tano) dishes and drinks will be accepted as an entrance fee!

The value of your “pot” should be approximately 75 uah ($75 000 wine collection or a chain of restaurants are also acceptable).

The “fee” includes:

– your 2 days of fun by cooking your part of the PotLuck;

– a lot of fun by watching how quickly all your efforts will be destroyed during our sweet dinner;

– a lot of fun and the fat-MAFIA.

To register you should send me the message by any convenient means. If you cancel your attendance on March 13 a rude and unfair administration will publish your photo at the blacklist page of our web-site, so think 10 times, before registering!

ATTENTION!!! We have only 11 places for the Potluck MAFA. To check if you are in and what you are responsible for click here.

Welcome to our pleasant dinner!!!\

Photo report:

PotLuck Dinner_2011