English MOVIE Club / Interstate 60 / October 22, 2011 / SATURDAY

Dear Friends!

The English Movie Club represents “Interstate 60”, a very enjoyable and fun movie!

Storyline: Neal Oliver is a young artist, but his father doesn’t like his choice and wants him to go to Oxford. Everything changes after Neal’s meeting with O.W.Grant, who grants exactly one wish per person, as his name suggests. Neal wishes for answers, and so he must travel to the nonexistent Danver by the nonexistent Interstate 60. In this trip he hopes to find the girl of his dreams, following the trail of her photos on the advertising stands along the route. Many encounters await him ahead. Will he receive what he asked for?

Watch trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLSBfpI6cig

Time: Saturday (October 22, 2011) at 20:00
Place: Fashion Studio PURITY; 4a, Turgenevskaya st. (close to the Circus). See the cinema’s photos here.
Price: 60 UAH
for love pairs 2 tickets cost – 100 UAH
The price includes some cake and tea or coffee.

Important: Reserve a sofa (there are only 16 places!) See if you are on the list by clicking on the event here.
Contacts: 067 402 81 20; 099 377 55 32

Welcome to spend an enjoyable end of upcoming Saturday with us!