Come on! Stop Getting Married! Let’s Play Mafia!!!

The main mission of the English Mafia Club is to create the positive environment where all interested can improve their English speaking, rhetoric and negotiation skills. But as with any project, you never know and can’t predict how everything will happen. Over five years we have created the really strong Mafia community. But that is not all….

She was our regular member and the really dangerous Mafia Lady. He came to one of the meetings with other girl. They played Mafia and, in spite of all the intrigues, they met each other and fell in love.

This is the fifth couple, that got married after meeting at one of our club’s events.

In the video below, there are the congratulations of our members to the new family. Svetlana and Dmitry are just married!  Hooray!!! 😉  And do you still have doubts, whether to come to our Mafia events? 🙂

And here is the wedding video! 🙂

Дмитрий и Светлана. Свадьба 25 февраля 2017 from on Vimeo.