Learn how tricky Mafia players can be

Рамки для cоц. сетейThere is only really one way to become a professional Mafia player: take part in as many Mafia games as possible. In addition, you can read our tactics and strategies, which should significantly improve your game and help you to become a more influential player.

The situation below is a brilliant example of an advanced tactic where a black player defied the normal rules of logic in order to win the game:

Our role mode – a lovely lady – was in the black team playing as #2. On the second day, she nominated player #8 who was in fact her mafia teammate. On the first night, the sheriff checked #8, and found him to be mafia. Unsurprisingly, this misled him to conclude that #2 was red and on the third day, the sheriff successfully convinced the city to eliminate #8.

Mafia now knew who the sheriff was and would, without doubt, swiftly proceed to take him out at the earliest opportunity. Our role model – player #2 – then requested the sheriff to check #9. The sheriff agreed, and of course found #9 to be black. However, #2 – our astute role model- was now the reddest player at the table. When the sheriff was killed, he made a convincing argument to the red team in support of our #2 – and left his city with a healthy legacy of two identified mafia players.

Of course our Machiavellian mafia player still went on to win the game. In what was an unorthodox, but truly exceptional, game plan, nobody imagined that she could have played so aggressively against her team mates.

Let’s now consider the game further: if the sheriff would have checked #2 rather than #9, nothing would have changed for Mafia. According to natural logic, #9 would have been red because it would have been foolish for her to ask the sheriff to check a teammate. But as you should appreciate now, natural logic doesn’t always apply and indeed this would have been another perfect formula for the most stylish of mafia massacres.

Always be prepared for the most inventive forms of mafia trickery and remember to consider all the possibilities, no matter how fantastical they may be.

“Kill” you later! 🙂