A letter from Stella…

English Mafia Club Picnic 2015 gameDo you like Mafia?

I like Mafia, specifically I love Mafikies in English Mafia Club. My first anxious experience of life in foreign country was wonderful from the very beginning till the very end of the previous year.

Every single moment was perfect.

How this kind of life was possible for me?

If I think of it, I should talk about English Mafia Club in Kiev. This Club is one of the things I did during my life in Kiev.

Thanks to it, I became confident in meeting other people in Kiev,
Thanks to it, I learned about other events and could join other good meetings,
Thanks to it, I could live in Ukraine without any stereo types.

Maybe that’s why I could meet many nice friends in this club and share good moments with them.

We know these words, “Got off on the wrong foot”.

In my case, I got off on the RIGHT foot to live in a new city. A lot of people say to me, “Stella, you lived in Kiev like a Ukrainian girl.” “Stella, you lived here fully and very well.”

I am more than sure that I could accomplish these all things because when I just after my arrival to Kiev I could find a nice club which is full of only nice people and eventually great friends.

Thank you all, Mafikies. And I look forward to killing you again. English Mafia Club Picnic 2015^