Membership of 10th seson

English Mafia Club membership is by invitation only.

Membership fees are effective for 6 or maybe even 12 months. Membership fees will be used for the club’s goodwill in one way or another.

Reasons to become a Member:
– the right for privileged prices: 20 uah/evening;
– the access to the club’s closed meetings and all kind of events that English Mafia Club runs;
– the right to invite guests to the closed meetings;
– the right to vote and hold office for club President.

To become a club Member the following requirements are needed:
1) successful playing experience in Mafia games;
2) recommendation by 2 active club Members;
3) receipt of an invitation and familiarity with the President of the Club, who can refuse in a membership without giving a reason;
4) filing of an application form;
5) membership fee payment (350uah for new members and a metro coin for old members).

If you are interested in playing mafia, networking with highly intellectual, socially active, and interesting people – you are definitely going to like our team of members and club’s confederates!