Annual MAFIA picnic / June 11, 2011

Dear Friends!

Finally, the weather is considered good and almost enough warm for English Mafia Club’s administration, so we are ready for the PICNIC!!!

The program is easy:

– come to an amazing place near the lake in Pusha-Vodica;
– spend a very pleasant day together at the picnic;
– have an exciting meal with tasty shashlyk, lots of fun and…
– …of course, play MAFIA and other sports and intellectual games we would like to play…
– probably we also will have a shooting competition using the guns that English Mafia Club has in its assets’ warehouse.

We are not going to repeat such event in this format in 2011, so make sure you’ve registered for this event!

Time: June, 11 (SATURDAY) starting at 11:00
Meeting place: m.Nivki; near the gold shop
Picnic place: recreation center “Dgerelo”, Pusha Vodica
Dress-code: picnic-style
Fees: Guests130 UAH
Club Members100 UAH

Registration: to register you should pass your meeting fee to the administration before June 10.

Hope you know, how to reach Tano Cariddi if you have any questions 😉

Looking forward to our Mafioso picnic!!!