English Mafia Club catches up on December 18, 2011

Dear Mafiosi!

English Mafia Club’s upcoming intellectual battles are going to be pretty soon! All are welcome to join our exciting Mafia games! If you decide to attend, please, do you best to adhere to our Sunday’s dress code.

Time: December 18, 2011 (SUNDAY) starting at 16:45
Place: Kyiv, Ukraine; KORONA Restaurant4, Rognedinskaya str. (close to metro Palace Sportu)
Dress-code: Formal Attire (preferably with black, white and red colors; NOT CASUAL)

Fees: Guests – 20 UAH / game
Club Members – 10 UAH / game
Dress-code penalty is 10 UAH / evening

All participants arriving by 16:44 receive a 50% discount for the 1st game