An Update about the Results of Mafia Charity Meeting

Last Sunday we held a Charity Mafia meeting. All the money we collected we intended to spend on the needs of the military hospital in Kiev. See a note from Greta regarding the hospital visit:

“Dear all! Thanks a lot for coming yesterday and participating in our charity meeting. And special thanks to Mr. Wonderful for organizing it and to Kay Adams and Corleone for moderating games!

Yesterday we played many interesting games and had great evening, but also did a good thing: gathered 2200UAH for buying medicine for soldiers who are now in Kiev Military Hospital. We are going to buy all necessary and deliver that on Wednesday to Hospital. Who is willing to join me and go in Hospital together to bring medicine and maybe visit soldiers I will wait for you 22/10/14 at 18.45 in Pecherskaya metro station in the middle of platform. Let me know plz! My cell.0632809166
Sincerely your Greta”

Greta and Stella bought all the necessary medicines soldiers needed and together with Lentochka they paid a visit to the hospital and passed the medication to one of the volunteers.

English Maifa Club is helping Ukrainian soldiers
English Mafia Club's donation to the military hospital

We also found out that this hospital badly needs a pharmacist at least once a week. If you know anybody, who can do that service – please, call the volunteer at the hospital.

Contacts of the Hospital:
18 Hospitalnaya St.; Kiev, Ukraine
Phone: +38(044) 529-70-95

Medicines volunteer:
Valery Kislukhina
Mob.: +38 067 113 32 94