Shane’s Free English Speaking Club in Kiev

Hello All Anglophiles (English lovers)!

Actually, lovers of English is better! But even English lovers may love English!  Anyway, you are welcome to another Friday evening (August 30, 2013) to improve English. Last week we had a lively lot of newcomers, and I hope to see you all back again.

Our theme this week will be, “annoying things”. For example, here is the list of questions to choose from:
What is annoying for you about Kiev?

Is it annoying to use train on your way to work?
What exactly you don’t like about living with your family together?
Do you have habits that are annoying to other people?
Is it annoying for you to see a kissing couple in some public place?
Is it annoying for you when some person cuts in front of you while you’re standing in line?
What is annoying about your best friend?
Do care about smokers?
If somebody display bad manners – do you get mad? Give examples of the cases.
What is that annoying thing you don’t like about your partner?
Is there anything annoying about your parents’ actions toward you?

So choose a few of these questions to answer yourself, or comment on.

Bring a small gift of healthy food.  I really appreciated the person who brought the raspberries last week, that was really healthy and nice.  But unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get any of them, so that would be great if you bring them again.
Please be on time at 7 pm. Here are the directions:

Address: Schuseva Street 24 A, Apartment 13 (Code 35).  Phone: 063 279 59 11

How to get to the place: from metro Dorogozhichy, cross over Oleny Teligy and walk straight up Schuseva, cross over Maxima Berlinskoho (it’s the second street you will cross) and after that turn to the right. Turn first left into the side street, on the right you will see 24A.  That’s the building you need. Find the first door and enter it using the code 35.

Friday evening (August 30, 2013) starting at 7pm we enjoy a small conversation group in English (2 hours).  Our English speaking club Kiev will have fun conversation, a good company, discussion topic and a pot luck afterwards.  I am a native speaker, and know a little Russian (she is a lovely girl!).  The theme will vary each week, including health, sport, politics, literature, and other themes, with a discussion or debate and question time after. That means you’ll have to practice English at different topics.

There will be no cost (event is free of charge), but if you are able to bring some good and healthy food to contribute for tea that would be appreciated.