Corporate MAFIA party for BrutalMen Club in Kyiv

Dear Mafiosi!

Our evening today is going to be full of exciting mafia games in the International BrutalMen Club in Kyiv! A club of bald men.

The president of Kyiv branch, Oleg Boriychuk, found a “bald-brother” in the English Mafia Club board team and made us an offer we couldn’t refuse… That’s how we started arranging mafia party together for the upcoming BrutalMen club meeting. When it comes to holding a corporate mafia party, our moderators suddenly remember Russian and Ukrainian and help to make a memorable evening full of intellectual crime, deceptions and disclosures at the Mafia game.

TODAY (July 11, 2013)! Starting from 7pm in a cozy restaurant in the Kyiv center.

You are very welcome to spend time playing one of the most thrilling games ever – Mafia. In this battle between a secrete minority and an unaware majority you will need all your intelligence and sharpness to unmask the Mafiosi or vice versa bring into play all your flexibility in order not to be revealed. It is a great opportunity to spend an enjoyable evening together with “bald brothers” and charming ladies, who sympathize bald men!

See how to play Mafia game here:

About BrutalMen Club:

This is a Club where you can learn about bald men life all over the World, about club events and its members, about everything related to the life of bald men. In this Club you can find new friends, business partners and sport mates.

For the last year, every Thursday starting from 7pm, brutal bald brothers gather in one of a nice restaurants in the center of Kiev. Of course, a lot of women who sympathize bald men come for the meetings. Also couples come to the Club. It’s free of charge. Main idea of the Club is to be friendly and honest. Gentleman’s attitude to women is being kept.

See more about BrutalMen Club here:

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