English Mafia Club catches up on June 5, 2011

Dear Friends!

English Mafia Club is looking forward to see you either as a smart victim or as a dangerous killer! Welcome to our fun and intellectual batlles!

Time: June 5, 2011 (SUNDAY) starting at 16:45

Place: KORONA restaurant; 4, Rognedinskaya str. (close to m.Palac Sportu)

Dress-code: summer mafia style (civilized style, preferably with black, white and red colors)

Fee: Guests – 20 UAH deposit on the Bar per each game

Club Members – 20 UAH per whole meeting

1st game is free of charge for those, who come in time.

All, who doesn’t keep the dress-code – pay for the games in cash to the club’s administration


English Mafia Club is going to test Mafia skills of European Business Association (EBA) members! THE HIT IS ON! Details are here.

Take your good mood, knives, guns and come this Sunday!