Business TV show as an effective tool to improve your English

Many of you need to improve their English for business purposes. And many of you are quite busy people, who don’t have enough time to practice your English, right? Then probably watching fun and useful business TV shows may help you. Let me introduce you my favorite one called “Shark Tank”.

What is this Shark Tank about?

Shark Tank is a TV show with lots of business negotiations. Everything is FOR REAL there! The scenario: investors are listening to the entrepreneurs, who need cash. There are 5 multi-million (and billion) of dollars worth investors, who want to use their own cash to invest in the right people and companies. On the other side there is an entrepreneur, who usually badly need cash in order to expand or save their business. The rules are easy: either the entrepreneur gets all of the money they ask for or they leave the show empty handed.

See the introduction (first 5 minutes of the video):

So, how do you improve your spoken English watching this?

Easily. Especially if you learn English for business needs. Different entrepreneurs come to the show, with different variety of businesses and business ideas. They talk to potential investors about almost everything you can imagine, starting from selling cakes in a store and ending up some high tech technology businesses with millions of dollars involved.

Except the effective English practice you also are able to pick up lots of useful financial and business negotiations tips from it. Here is one of the perfect examples of a sales mistake:

And you can find this kind of situations in almost every episode of the show. Sometimes there are situations when a billionaire isn’t interested to invest in some particular business, but the other one investor starts taking advantage of a situation. You can end up watching how a billionaire starts consulting an entrepreneur telling them what to do and how to act in this particular situaltion. And you can hear all those real advices FOR FREE. Isn’t it amazing?

Where can you watch all these TV shows?

Easily again. Lots of them you can find by searching on Youtube by simple search. One of the users, who usually posts these kind of TV shows could be found by nickname “BecomeBusinessOwner” on YouTube.

Also, you can download lots of these shows through different torrent-portals. If it isn’t outdated already – you can use my collection (hope US government won’t shut down my website hosting for sharing this with you).

If none of the links above work – write me a message or brief comment on the bottom of this article – I’ll give you links that work for sure.

BTW, the Shark Tank show is just small part of all the TV shows you can watch. There are also this kind of programs in UK, Canada and Ireland. It is called “Dragons’ Den“. I watched almost all I could find. To my mind, Dragons Den UK is a good one. It may seem you boring if you watch it after a Shark Tank, but actually the British version of the show is pretty good. The mentality of businessmen there is way to different from north America! I’d say they’re less greedy and more polite. I almost don’t remember anybody crying in the British DD, while you see lots of tears every season of the Shark Tank or Dragons Den Canada. By the way, first 5-6 season;s of Canadian version is also good. But afterwards they probably changed the executive team, who choose entrepreneurs and the show became much worse. I used to watch 8th season and didn’t like it: too many ridiculous clowns come to the Den. 70% of it became a Circuss Den instead of being serious business show about investing. But from English learning point of view – it’s not too bad to watch, of course.

I have learned to understand British accent after watching 8 seasons of Dragons Den UK.

To be honest, while I was watching the first season of “Dragons Den UK” I couldn’t understand even a half of what they were speaking about. I had to watch all 8 seasons TWICE in order to start understanding more… So, if you’re persistent enough – you’ll get there. You’ll start understanding 80% of their British talks with their sweet accent.

Moreover, it will be just a matter of time when you start using the phrases from the show in your English communication at work. Regarding the issue of time for the English practice: if you throw your TV out of the window – you’ll have at least an hour or two per week to watch some of the episodes. In a month it will become a habit, especially if you fall in love with these TV shows like I did long time ago when my English was very poor.

If you’re still not sure whether you’re still interested in my suggestion – find a few minutes to watch THIS:

Author: Eugene Bazhenov

Date: February 28, 2014