A British Murder or About London Mafia Rules

London_“London Mafia” game – a notion, a concept or just a British name? What is interesting is that it has nothing to do with the English language or London city. By reading this article you will find out how to play Mafia by these unusual rules.

London Style Mafia – is just a variety of the intellectual Mafia game rules. If we try and look for the etymology of this word we could suggest that the Englishmen are more delicate, diplomatic, amiable and above all decent in their conversations.  The same is in the “Mafia in London Style”. You must speak English and behave decent like the British King! The rules of this kind of Mafia game are the same as in the “classic game” but for one peculiarity: during your 1 minute speech it is forbidden to flourish arms (gesture) and pronounce any kind of sounds while others speak.

Of course, you can laugh at a joke, however if you nodded to the question or mouthed “uh-huh” not in your turn you would definitely receive a penalty. Three such penalties and the moderator won’t let you speak in the next turn, whereas for the four such penalties you will be disqualified from the game. Thus, you are almost forced to just silently listen and attentively observe the micro gestures and facial expressions that most of the people cannot control.

Based on my experience, it is a very challenging type of a mafia game. And what is interesting about it is that during the game both mafia and citizen teams suffer to the same extent.  In such conditions the players have to control themselves much more than usually. And for some players it is simply impossible to do. Emotional reaction to the simple provocations and accusations is so strong that it is just impossible to reply with a friendly or mischievous smile.

The situation worsens also by the fact that the more penalties you get the higher risk you will have to face. Just imagine that you accidentally have received already 3 penalties and the whole result of the game depends on one of your gestures. However, you can’t show it since you will be immediately out of the game by receiving the 4th penalty.

It would be good to mention one of the advantages that Mafia team has: red players can be removed from the game not only by the voting or shooting, but also by the small provocations directed to receive the penalties. It would be enough to choose the most sensitive and emotional “victim”, mess up a few facts or “accidentally” misunderstood what a player previously said. The result won’t make you wait long. In an instant, your opponent will receive one, two or event three penalties. It’s not difficult to guess that very soon this player will be disqualified for the penalties. Those of you, who played a lot of times in our English speaking Club in Kiev, know Alessandro and Anton as our refined provocateurs for the penalties. Observe their communication strategies in the game and you will see how they use emotions to their advantages.

“London” sheriff also goes though some hardships. Let’s say, he made the check, but how can he show to the red citizen that he/she was checked? Most probably Don as well burns up inside from the desire to put aside the Sheriff out of the game.  But here is a dilemma: how can he organize the murder of that interfering red citizen without any gestures?!

Thus, why do we need to “suffer” from this Mafia game in London Style? The answer is simple – to learn to control your behavior and emotions at negotiations (especially tough ones). If you learn to play Mafia in London Style well, then the “classic game” will become much easier and productive at your game-play.

Developing a skill of self-control is just one of the advantages of the London style Mafia. In the situations when the non-verbal communication is reduced to a minimum you have nothing else to do but to LISTEN to the other players. And as a result, you start hearing things to which previously you did not pay any attention.

Those who can get used to the London Mafia will become a Mafia “batman” in a calm and balanced classic Mafia game.

Our Mafia Club in Kiev recommends practicing from time to time these Mafia game rules to promote the professional growth of the players. Playing Mafia in London Style too often will be difficult as well. And to my mind, a true pleasure from such a game can receive only quite experienced players who have a hunger for self-development and are quite skillful in their sophisticated strategies.

This article was stolen, paraphrased and translated from Dvornikova Elena Vladimirovna, known as “Elen”.

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Date: April 6, 2014